HealthStaffing Health & Safety Guidelines

Our first priority is your personal safety so please remove yourself from danger – making sure you notify emergency services if necessary! Once you have removed yourself from immediate danger, if you are on assignment, you should immediately notify your supervisor so that they can remedy the situation as quickly as possible. You should thereafter discuss the matter with your HealthStaffing Consultant. Our priority is your safety so at no stage would we expect your personal safety, health or wellbeing to be at risk.

If you believe you have not been effectively inducted, trained or supported in relation to health or safety please immediately discuss your concerns with your supervisor and thereafter with your HealthStaffing Consultant. Also, if you believe you lack the skills, qualification or experience to necessary undertake your assignment in a safe manner it is also your responsibility to notify your supervisor and HealthStaffing Consultant immediately! HealthStaffing will ensure that, where relevant:

  • The host employer provides a safe working environment supported with correct health and safety processes and training
  • We will conduct a site-specific risk assessment
  • You will receive specific information relating to the job
  • You are provided by the host employer site specific induction
  • You will receive a phone call from your HealthStaffing Consultants on your first day with the host employer to ensure you are both happy in the role but also feel your personal safety and wellbeing is not jeopardized or at risk
  • You will receive regular contact from your HealthStaffing Consultant throughout the duration or your placement
  • You will have the means to report any safety issue or injury to HealthStaffing

If you or someone with you is involved in an incident on assignment, the following procedure should be followed. Even if the matter is minor and you do not believe that you require medical treatment you are still obligated to contact us to advice of any “near misses” so we may ensure safety for all our staff. Remember- you will not be “blamed” for reporting an incident that has happened on assignment. HealthStaffing are interested in your health and welfare only, not laying blame for any incidents that may have taken place.

  • Step 1: If the matter is life threatening call 000 immediately and seek medical assistance as a priority.
  • Step 2: Notify HealthStaffing immediately or after hours 0438 343 020. Let us know what has happened. We will ask you some specific questions regarding what has taken place to ensure that no one else is in immediate danger.
  • Step 3: If an injury is sustained as a result of the incident when you seek medical treatment you should advise the treating medical professional that you have been injured as a result of work. They will then give you a WorkCover Worker’s Claim Form.
  • Step 4: Once completed please return the WorkCover Worker’s Claim Form to the HealthStaffing Payroll Department.

Please note that depending on the type of work that you undertake for HealthStaffing, and the nature of any injury we may ask you for a Certificate of Capacity or similar documentation from a medical practitioner to state that you are in a fit and healthy condition to continue working. This is to ensure that you will not be endangering yourself or anyone else.