Working for HealthStaffing – Accelerate Your Recruitment Career

At HealthStaffing you can pursue a career that aligns with your values. You have an opportunity to work with skilled health staffing candidates, on behalf of some of the most trusted operations in Australia and alongside a skilled team of HealthStaffing recruiters and account managers.

We have expanded rapidly and work with some of Australia’s largest and most prestigious organisations. Join us and engage with some of the biggest and most innovative organisations in the world. HealthStaffing's brand, growth rate and culture, when combined with your expertise means there is no limit to what we can achieve.

Although our internal requirements vary, visit our Career Contact Us Form and include a link to your LinkedIn profile. With vacancies across our Hiring Services, Managed Services and specialist internal departments such as sales, marketing, IT, legal, HR and finance, why not join one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in Australia.

Your next role with HealthStaffing could accelerate your career in the hiring industry to the next level, please click here.

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