About Us

Being ‘smart’ changes things; it makes it easier. ‘Smart’ isn’t going by the book or standing on ceremony.  It’s innovating, evolving, challenging the status quo and setting new standards.

Staffing In A Snapshot

  • Staffing started delivering its smart staffing solutions in 1998
  • Provides smart solutions in all States
  • Over 150 different roles and staffing solutions on offer
  • Over 1000 Candidates working for us
  • Thousands of Candidates registered for work
  • 90% of our clients return to use our services again
  • 85% of our clients rate our services as “excellent”
  • Over 500 shifts filled weekly
  • Provide 24/7 emergency service
  • National provider
  • 'Ready to work' candidates for major service offerings
  • Staffing exists to solve your staff needs


Staffing has been founded on the principle of partnering with our clients – customers and candidates alike – to provide a smarter way of working. The story of Staffing therefore begins and ends with you.

From an employer's perspective you need a partner to help maximise the value of your most important asset – your people –  look no further than the Staffing team. Our strong experience across a variety of disciplines backed by an innovative use of technology enables Staffing to deliver results that add value direct to your business.

Our strength is our people.  As all-purpose staffing suppliers, capable of supplying quality staff in a variety of industries, we are able to leverage the incredible wealth of individual skills, unique attributes and personal experience that our people possess, and provide you with a complete staffing solution. You will find no one else more dedicated to the provision of service excellence.

One of our founding principles has been the desire to understand our clients’ needs. It is only then that we are able to offer a solution that matches your specific individual requirements, delivers the desired results and ensures that whatever your staffing need is, the only outcome is success.

Staffing brings a unique combination of experience and intuitive use of technology to deliver results. First, your needs are analysed and evaluated.  Based on your desired outcomes, we conduct a search of our extensive active database of  ‘ready to work’ candidates, providing you a quick and measured response.

Not only are we able to leverage our collective marketing, sales and recruitment experience into delivering your ultimate solution, we are able to enhance that solution through the additional skills and attributes of our excellent staffing database.

Staffing has amassed a wealth of candidates talent suitable to your need already, we are in the incredible position of being able to pick and choose your staff rather than rely on chance or rushed online advertisements. This smart solution results in a quicker turnaround time and more importantly lowers your costs.

Renowned as an employment provider of choice, we continue to capture only the best possible candidates further enhancing our capacity to deliver only the best results to you.

Temping & Contracting

Are you seeking to trial staff, a contractor to cover maternity leave or an answer to a short term vacancy crisis? The team is dedicated to turning your staffing problem into a solution. Our extensive reach and in-depth assessment processes focus on providing a ‘no fuss’ service.


The challenge of finding capable staff and managing high turnover teams – merchandising, sales, customer service, telemarketing, administration – often becomes a distraction to managing your core business. With sophisticated reporting, staff appraisal and management systems, contact us if you are seeking a turn-key outsourcing solution.

Permanent Recruitment

The satisfaction at finding the perfect compliment to your team is the goal. Finding the time and securing the expertise to make the journey however is sometimes better left to the experts. We are dedicated to doing what it takes to identify and secure a candidate seeking a career rather than just a job and who fits perfectly into your role and company culture!

Helping Qantas soar

Faced with the challenge of signing-up additional Frequent Flier partners Qantas turned to us. Staff quality made the difference. Reliable results-oriented staff were required to communicate the program benefits. The program was extended repeatedly due to the fantastic outcom