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HealthStaffing is committed to providing a high quality and specialised pharmaceutical sales, healthcare sales and pharma sales recruitment solutions to meet your every need.

After more than ten years of continual refinement, HealthStaffing has developed processes that draw together high quality healthcare candidates with a range of pharma sales, healthcare sales or pharmaceutical sales experience. Whether they have had lifestyle & vitamins, health administrator, janitor, locum services or nursing roles, we spend time with our candidates to understand their skills, experience, aspirations and exactly what they are able to offer.

HealthStaffing understand that fantastic healthcare staff are fundamental to the smooth running of any organisation. Over many years we've partnered with many of Australia's largest and smallest organisations to achieve lasting recruitment results.

We understand our clients have immediate needs. They want the peace of mind that HealthStaffing have both the short-term recruitment solution and also the ability to consistently delivery results in the long term. We look forward to providing a healthcare solution that satisfies your recruitment requirements. Contact HealthStaffing on 1300 790 330 today to discuss how we can assist you.

Helping Qantas soar

Faced with the challenge of signing-up additional Frequent Flier partners Qantas turned to us. Staff quality made the difference. Reliable results oriented staff were required to communicate the program benefits. The program was extended repeatedly due to the fantastic outcomes.

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